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Are you thinking small enough?

Business owners are often pushed by us to think bigger and bolder. However we had a Planning Day this week where we had to push a business owner to think smaller, much smaller – that is, about a smaller number of working hours. Our Planning Day was with a business owner who runs a financially successful business, but the reality was the financial success was coming at a cost to his time and enjoyment. It was getting harder to do the basketball coaching he loved,  ..



Last week I discovered a brain training application called Peak. I was intrigued by the game design and decided to put it to the test throughout the following week. Will my cognitive development benefit from playing Peak? The games are designed to stimulate your mind with short, intense workouts designed around your life. Challenge the skills that matter to you most with games that test your focus, memory, problem solving, mental agility and more. Everyone ..


Introducing Xero Connect

Introducing Xero Connect Xero Connect automates the flow of external invoices into Xero, saving you time, eliminating manual data entry, and increasing the accuracy of your clients business numbers.  ..


Mount Roland Expedition

As the winter months progress, the morning ice on the windscreen of our cars is getting thicker and it appears the weekends are becoming stormier. There is no doubt that the sound of raindrops on the roof creates a desire to spend the entire day in your pyjamas in front of the heater; but that is not how our Unicorns spent last Saturday. At the crack of dawn, our Unicorn team lead by Rowan and minus a few intending starters met at Mount Roland to embark on a journey to  ..


It's Time For Change

The clocks on our wall have attracted a lot of comments which is good because that is why we put them there. They represent the locations of our team members as we are represented in Newfoundland in Canada (Christine) and Clark in the Philippines (Alexis and Lorie) and the rest of us in Devonport and Hobart. We now need to add a new clock of Ryan in Melbourne. After more than 5 years with us in Devonport, Ryan has relocated to Melbourne and decided that the only way he coul ..


Ninja Warrior

We are pleased to have our own Ninja Warrior on the Unicorn team. After surviving 2 interviews and demanding physical tests Michelle Gillett was selected from over 6,000 applicants to participate in the heats of the new hit series, Australian Ninja Warrior. Whilst her full run was not televised, her Bridge of Blades run featured on the show, social media, and a number of morning shows to promote Australia’s first ever season. Michelle joined us a few weeks ago a ..


Mr Shorten's Tax Rate Pledge

Federal Labor yesterday pledged to crack down on wealthy Australians who use family trusts to avoid paying income tax. They plan to impose a 30% tax rate on distributions from family trusts. Mr Shorten said 98% of Australians would not be affected by the crackdown. It would target high-income earners who use trusts to split money to other family members in lower tax brackets, which cuts their tax bill. The changed would raise $17 billion in revenue o ..


Xero has introduced a new Security Feature!

Two-step Authentication Two-step authentication verifies the identity of the customer logging into the Xero dashboard by requiring them to use their existing password and a second unique code randomly generated by the Google Authenticator app on their smartphone, each and every time they log in!  ..


The 60 Most Common Business Mistakes

The Australian Debt Solvers have created a list of the 60 most common business mistakes that are picked up by the Australian Taxation Office during audits; including claiming deductions and GST input tax credits for personal items that are not related to business activities, and incomplete or missing tax invoices. We think you may find the list interesting and informative. Contact a Unicorn here if this raises any questions that you would like more inf ..


Xero Tip - Save More Time

Set up repeating invoices. This function is great for saving you time when you need to process your monthly invoices Want to chat about how we can significantly improve the flow and profitability of your business with automation? Simply email () us.  ..