Building a business that works for you, rather than the other way around.

Over 150 business owners have come to us with employee issues, cashflow problems, management road blocks, shrinking profits or are just feeling stuck.

Over 150 business owners let us discover the answers, create a plan and help them reignite their passion in their business.

They now have a business that works for them and not the other way around.

How? Through 150 Planning Days!

“Our Planning Day – WOW! Craig, you really opened our eyes to the possibilities that are out here for us. The day consisted of looking at the way we currently run our business and looking at figures and with us telling you what we wanted from the business and for our future. In a non judgemental way you listen , laughed (with us and perhaps once or twice at us) and then offered advice – thoughts for us to ponder and suggestions for small changes to the way we do things that could make us a lot more profitable, in both finances and lifestyle.”

– Ben & Monica Plunkett, Halibut Creative Communications

Why have over 150 small business owners decided that a Planning Day is the next step for their business?

Because over time, the details in business can become out of focus…

“Actually sitting down and analysing the numbers away from the office has allowed us to focus (and be guided) on a couple of simple changes that should help our bottom line greatly.”- Graeme Harris, MKS Harris

Because sometimes a roller coaster is what is takes to help you see your true value…

“The ‘Planning Day’ was a rollercoaster of emotions. Seeing our business and our personal financial situation dissected in a way we had never looked at it before was confronting, exciting, and amazingly valuable.” – Hadley Deegan, Deegan Marine Pty Ltd

Because increased profit is just a conversation away…

“The highlight of the day for us was discovering an alternative way to determine the most profitable jobs for us. This is an invaluable tool we could take home and use immediately and have already integrated into our pricing.” – David Jeffrey & Brian Butler, B & J Joiners

Because there is more to life than the 9 to 5…

“We left with lots of new ideas and a renewed enthusiasm for the future of our business. What we were doing wasn’t giving us any more time or income. You showed us that a number of small changes can make a big difference and that it is possible to do less, earn more and get life back as well.” – Dale & Robyn Harvey, Harvey Painting Services

Maybe not the best day of your life,
but probably the most important.

Every Planning Day is different. Just like every business is different.

Every one of our clients start off with a Planning Day. As the name suggests, it's a day of planning, planning for your success.

There's a lot of preparation for this - we ask a lot of questions beforehand, and we ask your team some too. And then we ask you more questions during the day.

The point and purpose is to get your vision and strategy right. Without knowing where you're going, how are your supposed to get there?

We'll touch on your marketing and sales, the KPI's that fuel your business, your finances, your people, workplace culture, your vision, your strategy, your systems and your products and services. In short, everything in our 'Rocket to Success'.

It's a gruelling, intense, long, roller-coaster of a day. We won't lie – throughout the day we’ve have business owners cry, laugh, fight, shrink and grow. But every single one has walked out with a renewed sense of purpose, and a clear way to get to where they want to be – a plan!


“Your consulting methodology is simple and effective. I have long held the belief that if you want to achieve success you need to set goals and that if you are wanting to improve something you need to measure it. Your Planning Day assists new clients to develop a set of goals and you provide the tools to help measure improvements. I can see that once you have helped set a path to success for a clients, you help them to stay on track. It is what we should all be doing as accountants to help our small business clients.”

– Marc Loader, Verve Group


We guarantee that if after your planning day you're not happy, we will refund your investment in full.


So what's next?

A useful report, not an expensive paperweight.

After the Planning Day, you will not leave with a huge report no more useful than a paperweight.

You'll have a few days to settle, and then will receive an easy to read report of your Now, Where, How analysis of your business, along with a simple Action Plan where we delegate responsibilities for you and prioritise.

But we don't love you and leave you.

You can take this report and run with it. We're confident that if you follow the action plan set out on it, then you'll achieve amazing results. But we don't want to leave you without an option to move forward with us. In each report will be three different options for us to help you out. This means we meet with you on a monthly basis, help fill in the skill gaps in your business, set budgets and key performance indicators and help you stick to your plan. Depending on the level you engage with us, we'll do more of the 'hard work'.

What we do is help smooth out the bumps in the road in your business, give you a sounding board to bounce ideas off, fill in skill gaps, and occasionally give you a solid kick in the right direction if that's what's needed.

Essentially, we become your partner.

“We have been partnering with your Business Development team for almost 18 months now and have found this to be one of the most worthwhile activities we have undertaken since purchasing our business 7 years ago. Over this period, your team have developed a deep understanding of not only our business, but more broadly and more importantly, how it fits in with the rest of our lives. Your holistic approach, encompassing the growth of our business and our progress towards meeting personal goals is something we really value. We find you can really see the end point of what it’s all about and what we are trying to achieve with our business.”

- Marcus & Anthony Brandsema, J & A Brandsema

Who has done a Planning Day?

These are just some of the people who have done a Planning Day, and what they've had to say


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