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Our story

Unicorn Business Solutions was founded in 2000. Its goal was to help small business owners build a business that worked for them, instead of the other way around.

After helping small business owners for 15 years, it became apparent that corporate and not for profit organisations experience the same problems as a small business, with the added disadvantage of not being a dictatorship. Change is often hard to drive, and management spend too much time dealing with the urgent, and not the important. Strategy is plentiful, but execution is rare.

Business and organisational leaders want to develop the strategic opportunities, but struggle with management of conflicting operational, compliance and financial priorities. Unicorn Business Solutions has diagnosed, designed and delivered solutions to hundreds of small businesses. We now bring that know-how and experience to assist large organisations with the practical diagnosis and management of problems.

Every day our team led by experienced senior executives and entrepreneurs deliver solutions that maximise operational success while reducing management headaches.

We speak in plain English, and reduce seemingly complex issues to their simple components. Then we solve them.

We allow your team to become productive by focusing them on the work that matters and achieves your organisational goals.

Our methods are simple. Our results are spectacular.

It starts with an Un-Planning Day.

Most organisations have a strategic plan. Unfortunately the majority aren’t successfully implemented and are destined for the archives as record of what was thought important at the time. So why not implement?

Most organisations also have resource capacity or capability gaps and unresolved operational problems that get in the way of strategy implementation. As a result the urgent gets the attention and the important gets left on the shelf.

So how do we help?

It starts with a process of diagnosis – we call it an ‘Un-Planning Day’. Now the idea isn’t that plans are bad but rather that a plan unimplemented, a plan without action, is not really a plan at all! And we need to understand why there is a failure to implement, before we can fix it.

We explore with you your organisational goals and your strategies to get there. We analyse with you the corporate and operational resources available and their alignment with what’s needed to successfully implement your strategic plan.

We’re not limited by industry or sector specialisation, which enables us to ask the questions that often lead to the most interesting answers.

Following diagnosis, we design an action plan tailored around the activities crucial to delivering measurable improvements to your organisation, and assist you in creating the results your stakeholders expect.

Finally, we deliver. We provide options for the efficient and effective execution of the action plan, providing resource to fill capacity and capability shortfalls within your organisation. Where needed we can also assist you to outsource some of your corporate service needs to create a more effective and agile operation.

In short, we ensure accomplishment of your critical tasks, and action on your strategy.

We're good value, not just good looking.

Craig Badcock

Strategic Direction & Financial Accountability


Regarded by some as having too many great ideas and too much free time, Craig is well known for sending his team up in a fighter jet as a bonding experience.

Founding his first accounting firm when he was 27, he eventually came to the conclusion that working in a normal accounting firm was no fun. Addressing this, he sold his share and founded Unicorn Business Solutions (then Badcocks Pty Ltd) in 2000 with the modest ambition of completely changing the profession. This is the basis of his claim that he 'used to be an accountant'. We still have our suspicions some days though. Incidentally, he's also the inventor of the same day tax return.

Craig specialises in organisational vision and strategic direction. He has a unique ability to focus on the important metrics buried in financials to assist and effect necessary changes.

Craig, along with his wife Deb (who is also a chartered accountant and a much better cyclist), have five children aged 5 to 17.



Ryan Davey

Digital Strategy & Marketing Execution


We nicknamed Ryan ‘Sheldon’ within a week of him being here. When he told us it didn’t make logical sense the nickname stuck. To be fair his only obsessive trait seems to be travelling to other countries (this is how we found him – washed up after several years backpacking around Europe but still somehow managing to manage a busy restaurant in London at the same time).

His mild manner conceals a somewhat frightening ability to sort a complicated set of disparate information and seemingly conflicting goals into a coherent, organisational wide digital strategy. Easily defying the practically challenged reputation of many Information Technology consultants, he’s just at home dealing with the minutia of accounting needs as he is with the esoteric needs of a branding specialist.

Ryan has been consulting to small businesses since 2011, introducing operational systems ranging from straight retail with an ecommerce twist through to complicated manufacturing processes. He holds a BA majored in Journalism, Media and Communications and International Relations, is currently a director of a private company, and started his management career by managing a theatre company at the tender age of 22.

In his spare time Ryan is often spotted treading the boards of a local stage, playing roles ranging from a drug-crazed maniac to a French revolutionist.


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